you scream! ice cream is here!


chocolate brownie peanut butter

it was a rocky road, but now the whole team here
[/one_sixth] [one_sixth]  [/one_sixth] [one_sixth]

cookie dough

put down that yo yo and slurp up the dough dough, fo sho
[/one_sixth] [one_sixth]  [/one_sixth] [one_sixth]

rose pistachio

flowers, they’re not just for looking at anymore — point is, you can eat them
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plain no more, this bad boy tantalizes with taste
[/one_sixth] [one_sixth]  [/one_sixth] [one_sixth]

caramel praline

the merriam-webster dictionary defines praline as a confection of nuts and sugar
[/one_sixth] [one_sixth_last]  [/one_sixth_last]
1 pint is technically 473mL, but we upped that to 500mL
$8.75 a pint
or maybe you like that scoop game?
$3.75 for one scoop
$5.50 for two scoops
$6.75 for three scoops
did you know if you dump some ice cream on some food it’s called à la mode? culture.
$2 to mode up
you can even get a drink à la mode, how about a Boylan Root Beer?
$5.50 root beer float
there’s no milk, and we don’t shake it, but we call our blended ice cream smoothie a milkshake – deal with it
$5.75 for a milkshake
sold every day, the sundae
$6.25 for a sundae
toppings traditionally go on top, but we can put them wherever you want — $1 ea
• chocolate bark
• chocolate glaze
• sprinkles (free!)
• whipped cream
• brownie chunks
• cherries
• cherry syrup
• caramel drizzle
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