our valentine menu is online now!

we are proud to introduce our little contribution to this cold month of warm feelings.

click here to see our valentine menu.

introducing our valentine menu
so many delicious things!
● our bff cake, a 5 inch chocolate raspberry cake

● the same cake, but in cupcake format!

● truffles, rose pistachio & raspberry caramel – available in cute boxes (dozen or half-dozen)

● our famous chocolate bark

layers of chocolate cake with a raspberry icing and a chocolate ganache topping. 5 inch cake (serves 6)
chocolate raspberry cake
share this bff cake with your loves


omg so cute!
chocolate raspberry cupcake
delicious chocolate cake and raspberry icing, for a little treat


melts in your mouth
raspberry caramel chocolate truffle
artisanal truffles with homemade fillings that will make you feel what love is all about


this changes everything
rose pistachio chocolate truffle
you can eat roses – don’t believe me? you can. and combining them with chocolate and pistachios creates an irresistable harmony


for that special someone in your life
half-dozen valentine truffles
3 of each of our special valentine flavours – remember, you yourself are always the special someone in your life


kick it up a notch
dozen valentine truffles
6 of each of our valentine flavours – go all in


our bark brings all the boys to the yard
pistachio bark
damn right, it’s better than yours. i’ll have to charge:


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