covid-19 and you and me

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Hi friends,
We want to take a moment to update you all on the heightened measures Sophie Sucrée is taking to help avoid the spread of COVID-19. At this moment there are very real precautions we can take to lower our risk of exposure. We are taking these measures seriously and would like to talk about them – not to reinforce panic but to prioritize the health of our staff, clients, and community.
We are sanitizing and disinfecting all surfaces in our boutique including tables and chairs, frequently touched surfaces like door handles, light switches, cash counter, self-serve station, phones etc… more often throughout the day.
All staff are being re-trained on enhanced food handling health and safety measures. We are ensuring everyone is being reminded of and following proper hand washing and glove wearing, as well as taking extra precautions in the kitchen to make sure all surfaces, equipment, and dishes are washed and sanitized properly even more frequently than normally.

We are encouraging anyone who feels sick to stay home of course, both staff and clients. You can always call or email to cancel or postpone an order. You can also order with us through Foodora or request a delivery for your order. Our boutique is small, and during this time we would like to avoid large crowds, we encourage groups to keep this in mind when visiting us, and other indoor places.
We want to encourage everyone to stay informed and take care. We are sending love to all who are affected, and those that are especially vulnerable in this time.
The Sophie Sucrée Team
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