covid mesures

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Dear clients,

We are here for you. Continuing to make food, particularly food that comforts and brightens your day, is essential. To do so, we will be making some adjustments to our operations.

We want to limit unnecessary contact, and the first step is that we are moving to pre-orders only. Please use our order page to place your order (same day orders possible if placed before 9am). Your choice of delivery or contact-less pickup (between 11h-13h).

We are truly grateful for the support we’ve been shown throughout this time. As we’ve outlined in earlier posts, we take your health seriously and are going the extra mile to sanitize every surface. Your attention to physical distancing is appreciated.

It brings us pleasure to provide something special in these uncertain times, so please don’t hesitate to let us know how you are doing and how you liked your treats!

Team Sophie

covid-19 update

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Dearest friends,
We want to extend our well wishes to all our clients and neighbours at this moment. We appreciate our clients’ business and continued support during these precarious times. For the moment, we will keep our kitchen production and the boutique open as long as it is safe to do so.
However, in light of the recent developments following our last post, we’ve taken further actions to do our part in limiting social contact. Right now one of the best measures we can take collectively is practising social distancing. This means staying at home as much as possible, and keeping a distance from others while in public spaces. For the safety of our staff and community at this time we have chosen to limit our space to take out only for the next two weeks at least. Furthermore, in an effort to reduce cash handling we will only be accepting payments by card.
To make take-out easier, it is best to order ahead of time. This can be done simply by using our online ordering form here; or giving us a call at 514- 823-5865. We also offer delivery, and our menu is available for order through Foodora.
For your comfort and wellbeing, we are limiting our store to 3 clients at a time and we have hand sanitizer in the shop that we kindly ask you to use when visiting us.
Again, thank you for supporting small businesses! We want to encourage you to support other small businesses when and however possible – whether it’s by ordering take-out or just liking a post.
We will be updating and making adjustments as necessary, you can stay in the loop by checking back here, or our facebook and instagram.
For more info regarding COVID-19 here in Quebec
Take care,
Team Sophie Sucrée

covid-19 and you and me

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Hi friends,
We want to take a moment to update you all on the heightened measures Sophie Sucrée is taking to help avoid the spread of COVID-19. At this moment there are very real precautions we can take to lower our risk of exposure. We are taking these measures seriously and would like to talk about them – not to reinforce panic but to prioritize the health of our staff, clients, and community.
We are sanitizing and disinfecting all surfaces in our boutique including tables and chairs, frequently touched surfaces like door handles, light switches, cash counter, self-serve station, phones etc… more often throughout the day.
All staff are being re-trained on enhanced food handling health and safety measures. We are ensuring everyone is being reminded of and following proper hand washing and glove wearing, as well as taking extra precautions in the kitchen to make sure all surfaces, equipment, and dishes are washed and sanitized properly even more frequently than normally.

We are encouraging anyone who feels sick to stay home of course, both staff and clients. You can always call or email to cancel or postpone an order. You can also order with us through Foodora or request a delivery for your order. Our boutique is small, and during this time we would like to avoid large crowds, we encourage groups to keep this in mind when visiting us, and other indoor places.
We want to encourage everyone to stay informed and take care. We are sending love to all who are affected, and those that are especially vulnerable in this time.
The Sophie Sucrée Team

BOGO stands for Buy One Get One

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did you know that we have a BOGO every monday? we select something different every week. we call it BOGO mondays. the only thing better than a BOGO is a GOGO, which is a Get One Get One – basically, that’s two items for free.

give us your suggestions (in the comments below) from our menu for our next BOGO, and you might just get a GOGO.

in other news:

  • veganism is now a protected philosophical belief in the uk
  • yet another study that shows that veganism is good for your heart
  • almond milk will be available at tim horton’s
  • 1 + 1 = 1 ?

    our valentine menu is online now!

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    we are proud to introduce our little contribution to this cold month of warm feelings.

    click here to see our valentine menu.

    introducing our valentine menu
    so many delicious things!
    ● our bff cake, a 5 inch chocolate raspberry cake

    ● the same cake, but in cupcake format!

    ● truffles, rose pistachio & raspberry caramel – available in cute boxes (dozen or half-dozen)

    ● our famous chocolate bark

    layers of chocolate cake with a raspberry icing and a chocolate ganache topping. 5 inch cake (serves 6)
    chocolate raspberry cake
    share this bff cake with your loves


    omg so cute!
    chocolate raspberry cupcake
    delicious chocolate cake and raspberry icing, for a little treat


    melts in your mouth
    raspberry caramel chocolate truffle
    artisanal truffles with homemade fillings that will make you feel what love is all about


    this changes everything
    rose pistachio chocolate truffle
    you can eat roses – don’t believe me? you can. and combining them with chocolate and pistachios creates an irresistable harmony


    for that special someone in your life
    half-dozen valentine truffles
    3 of each of our special valentine flavours – remember, you yourself are always the special someone in your life


    kick it up a notch
    dozen valentine truffles
    6 of each of our valentine flavours – go all in


    our bark brings all the boys to the yard
    pistachio bark
    damn right, it’s better than yours. i’ll have to charge:


    all hail seitan (happy new year 2020)

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    wow, what a year for vegans.

    from documentaries like the game changers on netflix, to the surprisingly sudden absolutely ubiquitous presence of beyond meat at eateries and markets small and large – there is a change happening: in canada, meat consumption is going down.

    vegetarians and vegans now account for nearly 10 per cent of Canada’s population – and we think that’s hot.

    “how do you get your protein?” a question forever fielded by various veggies, is becoming increasingly inconceivable – our vegan steaks are in the meat section, our vegan burgers are at mcdonalds. we are turning a corner.

    not to be a downer, there were 819 million animals are killed for food in canada in 2019. for perspective, we have only 15 million animals as companions.

    there is work to be done. if you eat meat, show a flex… flexitarian that is. already vegetarian? how about eating vegan a few more times a month? already vegan? how about encouraging those around you without judgement? make and serve delicious vegan food, slap them burgers on your neighbour’s grill, proselytize on the unholy power felt following seitan.

    ultimately we can be this guy. (don’t be this guy.)

    fall menu!

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    we love this time of year. nice cool hoodie weather, colour in the trees, and new treats!
    we are excited.

    we’ve got a new flavour of cake:
    brown sugar spice cake with pumpkin icing
    did you know?

    ● pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, which is good for the prostate and building the immune system

    ● they also contain fatty acids that kill parasites

    ● raw pumpkin seeds contain essential fatty acids & beneficial proteins

    6″ (8-10 portions) 40$
    7″ (12-16 portions) 60$
    8″ (18-24 portions) 80$
    10″ (30-36 portions) 140$
    12″ (45-55 portions) 220$

    that big boy’s got a little buddy
    brown sugar spice cupcake with pumpkin icing

    did you know?

    ● cupcakes are so-named because they are cakes the size of a cup

    $3.50 ea

    oh wait, we have another new cake
    carrot cake with “cream cheese” icing

    did you know?

    ● it is a myth that carrots improve eyesight

    ● this myth dates back to world war II and is actually based on a bit of truth; carrots are rich in beta carotene, which the body converts to a form of vitamin A called “retinal,” a key molecule involved in maintaining normal vision

    ● unless you are deficient in vitamin A, beta carotene (aka vitamin A) won’t make bad vision better

    6″ (8-10 portions) 40$
    7″ (12-16 portions) 60$
    8″ (18-24 portions) 80$
    10″ (30-36 portions) 140$
    12″ (45-55 portions) 220$

    another little buddy!
    carrot cupcake with “cream cheese” icing

    did you know?

    ● rather than buying baby carrots, you can cut normal carrots into smaller pieces

    $3.50 ea

    secret whipped cream special for those in the know! when you order an apple turnover, you can ask us to whip it, and we will – free.
    apple turnover – whipped

    did you know?

    ● à la mode means adding ice cream to something

    ● this meaning only exists in north america

    $0 for the whip

    what is fall without pumpkin pie? it is nothing. it must be had. enjoy these cute pumpkin pie tartlettes.
    pumpkin pie

    did you know?

    ● the pumpkin is a symbol of harvest time and featured also at Halloween

    ● the world’s largest pumpkin pie weighed over 350 pounds and was made with 80 pounds of pumpkin, 36 pounds of sugar, and 144 eggs (nb: there are no eggs in our pumpkin pie!)

    $4 ea

    our classic scone will be off the menu for the fall season… in order to make room for our pumpkin spice scone
    pumpkin spice scone

    did you know?

    ● our pumpkin spice scone is freakin’ delicious

    $3 ea

    our pizza is made every morning, and we like to have fun with the flavours. fall sees the emergence of pumpkin rocket pizza.
    pumpkin rocket pizza

    did you know?

    ● arugula is also known as rocket, a lettuce that has no internal combustion system

    $3.75 ea

    when it’s properly burnt, pastry cream forms a hard candy surface – perfect for cracking with a spoon.
    pumpkin crème brûlée

    did you know?

    ● crème brûlée is also known as burnt cream or trinity cream

    ● the world record for largest creme brulee topped out at 26 feet in diameter, weighed 1,600 pounds and was estimated to have two million calories.

    $5 ea

    as the weather gets colder, what can be better than a hot beverage. get ready to suck these back.
    old fashioned 5-spice hot chocolate & pumpkin steamer & chai latté & london fog

    did you know?

    ● if you drink something hot too fast, you can burn your tongue

    $3.91 ea

    croissants croissants croissants

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    We’re rolling up more croissants than ever! Guess what, that means they are more affordable than ever. If you have not tried one yet, now is the time.
  • $2.50 each
  • $25 for a dozen *
  • * dozen on pre-order only

    Order here!

    did you know?
    croissants are never taxed.

    you scream! ice cream is here!

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    chocolate brownie peanut butter

    it was a rocky road, but now the whole team here

    cookie dough

    put down that yo yo and slurp up the dough dough, fo sho

    rose pistachio

    flowers, they’re not just for looking at anymore — point is, you can eat them


    plain no more, this bad boy tantalizes with taste

    caramel praline

    the merriam-webster dictionary defines praline as a confection of nuts and sugar

    1 pint is technically 473mL, but we upped that to 500mL
    $8.75 a pint
    or maybe you like that scoop game?
    $3.75 for one scoop
    $5.50 for two scoops
    $6.75 for three scoops
    did you know if you dump some ice cream on some food it’s called à la mode? culture.
    $2 to mode up
    you can even get a drink à la mode, how about a Boylan Root Beer?
    $5.50 root beer float
    there’s no milk, and we don’t shake it, but we call our blended ice cream smoothie a milkshake – deal with it
    $5.75 for a milkshake
    sold every day, the sundae
    $6.25 for a sundae
    toppings traditionally go on top, but we can put them wherever you want — $1 ea
    • chocolate bark
    • chocolate glaze
    • sprinkles (free!)
    • whipped cream
    • brownie chunks
    • cherries
    • cherry syrup
    • caramel drizzle